So, Are Blogs Still a Thing?

The tl;dr answer is yes.

Not only is blogging still relevant, but it’s booming. There are a few reasons to believe that.

First, WordPress.

It is without question the world’s most widely-used blogging software. But WordPress presents us with a problem when it comes to statistics. There are countless claims that “a third of all websites” use WordPress.

I assume that comes from statistics like these, that say 37% of the million most-visited websites use WordPress.

But we’re talking about all websites, not just the most popular. The same set of statistics tells us that more than 27 million websites use WordPress. Let’s round that up to 28 million. Now, I’m no mathematician, but 28 million is less than 15% of our 192 million active sites.

To add to the blurriness of the calculations, there are millions of users of, which may or may not be part of that 27 million number. Also, you could argue that every WordPress site isn’t a blog.

That’s true. But every WordPress site could include a blog since that’s what WordPress is, blogging software. So we’ll give those sites the benefit of the doubt and count them as blogs.

So we could stretch and say that 15% of the web consists of blogs based on WordPress use alone. And that doesn’t even count the other blog software out there, just WordPress.

But since WordPress has such a dominant market share, it’s going to make up a large percentage of all blogs.

If that 15% accounted for all of the websites that were blogs, that should be proof enough that blogging is far from dead.