What should I pay attention to when choosing a hosting provider?

Page speed – Compare the page’s speed before you decide to select a specific hosting offer. It will be up to them to charge the page. Keep in mind that the vast majority of Internet users leave the page if they don’t see its content within the first seconds.
Backups – To make sure you don’t lose your data, backups should be performed automatically as often as possible. Check how often the data is backed up and how long a single copy is available onthe server of best WordPress hosting provider.

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Reliability – When you create a website, you definitely want it to be always available. Server outages may cause your customers or readers to be unable to review your site and permanently lose interest in your site or use the services of a competitor. This can mean reputational damage, inability to complete orders and serious costs. Reputable hosting providers currently guarantee reliability 99.99% of the time.
Efficient support – even if you use a very intuitive administration panel and have a lot of knowledge about website development, it is natural that there may be some technical issues that you have doubts about. Even in the event of a possible failure or maintenance work, it is very important to be able to quickly find out what is happening. Lack of information can exacerbate stress and make decision making difficult