Who Uses Micro Frontends? 6+ Notable Bands

The concepts and ideas described here are not new. Amazon does not talk a lot about its internal development structure. However, several Amazon employees reported that their e-commerce site has been developed like this for many years now. Amazon also uses a UI integration technique that assembles the different parts of the page before it reaches the customer.

Micro frontend

Micro frontends are indeed quite popular in the e-commerce sector. In 2012 the Otto Group,  a Germany-based mail-order company and one of the world’s largest e-commerce players, started to split up its monolith. The Swedish furniture company IKEA  and Zalando,  one of Europe’s biggest fashion retailers, moved to this model. Thalia,  a German bookstore chain, rebuilt its e-reader store into vertical slices to increase development speed.

But micro frontends are also used in other industries. Spotify  organizes itself in autonomous end-to-end teams called Squads. SAP published a framework  to integrate different applications. Sports streaming service DAZN  also rebuilt their monolithic frontend as a micro frontends architecture.