Searching in GitHub

Although you weren’t around for the events that led to the sidebar’s implementation, many of those events live on in the project’s history. Searching the project’s repository for “sidebar” will give you a starting point. There are two search methods available on GitHub: the global search at the top of the page and the scoped […]

How to Combine Gatsby and WordPress – Resources

Gatsby, a React-based framework for static sites, is attracting attention not only from JavaScript developers but also from the WordPress developers and users. Many WordPress users find its features appealing, like ultra fast image handling and improved security protection from hackers, but would like to use them while continuing to use the WordPress admin and […]

2 Best WordPress Hosting in 2020 (Guide)

The most popular CMS for managing websites is still WordPress. According to recent research, WordPress is used on 31% of the world’s 1 million largest websites. The most popular example is cnn’s website, which is based entirely on this CMS. Although the open-source software is still built for a blog, nowadays any type of website […]