The most popular CMS for managing websites is still WordPress. According to recent research, WordPress is used on 31% of the world’s 1 million largest websites. The most popular example is cnn’s website, which is based entirely on this CMS. Although the open-source software is still built for a blog, nowadays any type of website can be fully built to even online shops. However, websites are still built from pages and posts. This can sometimes be difficult for a non-blog website. The top 2 below is suitable and optimized for WordPress.


1. SiteGround (Best Value for Money)

Worldwide, SiteGround is known as one of the best WordPress hosting at very reasonable rates. It is not a budget web hostel but with €3.95 per month for the first invoice it is also not expensive. Especially for WordPress users they offer free installation, free relocation and also automatic updates. Furthermore, the company has some features to get more out of your website such as the Supercacher (From GrowBig). From the GoGeek subscription you also have staging.

As you can see get a lot of specific WordPress functionalities at SiteGround, the company is by the way one of the three best web hosting companies recommended by

SiteGround WordPress functionalities:

  • WP installation
  • WP Free Transfer
  • WP Auto updates
  • WordPress SuperCacher

From 6.99 per month (1st invoice) then $14.99 per month for the StartUp plan.


2. WP Engine (Global Market Leader in Managed WordPress Hosting)

WP Engine is the largest Managed WordPress hosting provider in the world. They only work with WordPress websites and have optimized their infrastructure for this. A worldwide CDN is used as standard, there is a car migration plugin and they offer page performance. Some of the features are still missing to compare it well, but those who are interested can try the service for 60 days without obligation to experience how good it is.

WP Engine specifications:

  • Worldwide CDN
  • Free migration
  • Page performance

From $35 per month for the Startup plan (2 months free with payment per year)


What’s important about WordPress hosting?

Choosing the best WordPress web hosting for your website is an important step, it determines a large part of the final performance of the website. We recommend paying extra attention to the following three points: Hosting Specifications, Safety and Speed & Stability.

Hosting Specifications

For starters, the right specifications are important. A large website needs enough disk space, a busy website must have sufficient data traffic and also an up-to-date PHP version and database are important. These are the basic requirements to make a selection.


Since WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world, it also means that it is very popular with hackers. Please note that a web hosting clearly indicates that they protect the website well from hacking and malware, but also make sure to see to what extent they themselves restore the website if things do go wrong. If they pull their hands off this, you are responsible and the costs can quickly increase.

Speed & Stability

A website can be on a fast hosting but to maintain the maximum speed is also good caching important. The hosting companies on this page have taken this into account and often offer caching specifically for WordPress.

Need help making a Choice

Choosing the best hosting is of course difficult, however with the 2 companies on this page you don’t make a wrong choice easily. It will be noticeable that these packages are all more expensive than many standard shared hosting packages. That’s because we’ve put really good specialist companies here that offer more than standard hosting. They take over a large part of the management and responsibility and you pay for this as well.


Tip 1

Often you can use a trial period with the packages above, so you can install a full website and experience for yourself what the back end of the company looks like and even test the speed.

Tip 2

When the company offers a live chat, it is useful to ask some questions in advance. Not only do you get answers and a better picture, but you test the level of customer service right away.

Switching from Web hosting

If you already have web hosting and are thinking about switching providers, it is useful to pay close attention to the moving options. More and more often we see that a move is completely free included in the package. This goes with a move plugin with which you can move the website yourself in a few steps. If you don’t come out or if an error occurs, the new web host will support you manually.

Pros & Cons of WordPress

The most popular CMS on the internet also has some drawbacks. Here are some of the important pros and cons of using WordPress as CMS.

– It’s easy to get to know.
– The simple tasks are easier than in any other CMS.
– With a plethora of Templates, every website looks good quickly.

– Updates are relatively frequent.
– The open-source plugins don’t always catch up with the new versions.
– The basics are quite simple, it takes (many) plugins to create a more advanced website.

Learn the basics of WordPress use in various training courses.

Minimum server requirements:

Please note, these system requirements are aimed at the current version and are a recommendation from itself, it is possible to work with less. If you still want to work with an older version (not recommended for security updates) then lower requirements apply.

PHP 7.2 or higher
MySQL 5.6 or higher
HTTPS support

If a hosting provider does not clearly indicate that they support the above requirements, an email with the question should suffice afterwards. If the hosting does not respond well to this, they clearly have too little experience and you better continue searching. Of course, the companies indicated on Hosting  were considered extremely suitable.

Managed WordPress

Although WordPress can run fine on most regular hosting packages, there are several companies that offer Managed hosting. In general, this is particularly suitable for the more demanding user. Managed hosting is more expensive, but you get something in return. For example, the host takes over updating your CMS and provides faster loading times and better security. The main drawback is the price, also you are limited to WordPress and you can not change your website to Joomla on this web hosting package.
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Over time I have installed WordPress on several servers. However, for a few years there is always an installation script with which each CMS can be installed with a few clicks. The software used for this is almost always Installatron, Softaculous or Fantastico. Also with the packages on this page there is always an automatic installation. If you are still in the situation that you need to perform a manual installation, you can use this manual for support.

We recommend always opting for an automatic installation.