Need a reliable and efficient hosting provider that delivers quality, but you don’t pay too much for? Look no further: Siteground!

Very good but affordable.

Many of our customers will choose SiteGround Web hosting sooner or later. And that doesn’t come entirely by itself. We want to do top quality work ourselves and we like to do this in an environment that also performs at this level. SiteGround offers this. We therefore recommend them to anyone who wants to buy reliable and fast WordPress hosting for a very reasonable price.

If you compare SiteGround with other cheap web hosting providers, the conclusion is often that they deliver a quality that is quite similar to the premium Managed WordPress hosting who charge $60,– to $ 99,– per month, only for a price that is more in the range of price fighters (about $ 14.99– per month). You might think that the quality is corresponding, but we really haven’t been able to catch them on slips yet.

Even the support is tremendously good. In consultation with our customers, we had an issue resolved a number of times that was caused by external factors – so the cause was not at SiteGround. In all cases, SiteGround managed to solve it flawlessly after 15 minutes to half an hour of investigation and reported the solution back neatly. Never a locker to experience the wall, super!

So if you are looking for a good  affordable shared hosting company, we recommend SiteGround!

Curious which package to buy? See below our comments on most popular options.



Siteground has shared WordPress hosting in three flavors:

StartUp, Grow Big & Go Geek, There are differences that are good to consider.

We usually do not recommend the StartUp package. It works, but it lacks features that are actually essential for a fast-working website and efficient management of it. If your website is going to become very static and your optimization is not important and price does, this is a good choice.

The GrowBig package is the most popular. The ability to host multiple sites within this package is a major advantage. Think of a temporary action on another domain, or an additional service that you want to offer later. This allows it without additional hosting costs! This package also uses the SG Supercacher. This allows you to optimize the speed of your website, and to optimally match your WordPress and Hosting environment. Speed is good for your Google ranking! In case of a problem, you can also call on the automatic backup that is made of your site every day.

The GoGeek package is ideal if you have a dynamic site (lots of up-to-date information), or a WebShop. You have more server capacity at your disposal (=faster), and this package runs on PCI-compliant servers, which means as much as: sufficiently secure to host financial transactions. In addition, with 1 click staging, you can create a temporary copy of your site where you can test changes. Good result? Then you can bring the change back live with one click. Doesn’t it work? At least you didn’t damage your live website. This is therefore the ideal package for the more demanding user.