Kirby CMS loves CDN

Kirby is a flat-file CMS that is easy to setup and maintain. Adding KeyCDN to Kirby is a breeze and compatible with either a Push or Pull Zone. The CMS also works neatly with our Image Processing service which let’s you transform images with simple parameters. This combination of CMS and CDN is a great setup for your next web project.

The domain name system (DNS) is an essential part of the internet. It’s hard to imagine an internet without DNS. The DNS is similar to a phone book where domains are mapped to IP addresses. Thanks to the DNS, you don’t need to remember any IP addresses. We’ve listed the best free DNS that you can use. For Cheap web hosting , Check it out this reddit list, Best Cheap Web Hosting To Use in 2023? – Reddit

Performance & News

Looking to further optimize the performance of your website or application? We’ve written some helpful articles and provide tools to help you with that:

Kirby and KeyCDN is a great fit with a straightforward integration.
Choose a suitable DNS hosting provider for your next web project.
The HTTP port plays a key role when you access a website.

Highlights from another Channels

This month’s highlights from random channels include topics about web development and performance:

Game over: Say goodbye to pixel units.
Don’t repeat yourself: Pros and cons of DRY code.


Happy content delivery!