Git Push Secret

We make a bunch of changes and commit them only to find out we were on the master branch. How do we solve this problem? Any attempts to push to master are never allowed.

git checkout -b 'NewBranchName'
// should be in that branch now
git merge master
// all the commits on master are brought over to new branch
git push
//all changes are pushed up via the new branch!

Ah, yes! We saved the ship from sinking.

Best web hosting Canada

Web hosting one of the many corned when you develop a website , we want to show how to choose a best web hosting in Canada 2020.   

web hosting is server where you store your file and data to serve through http server.

Find out best WordPress hosting 2021 in Canada .

  1. Siteground
  2. a2 hosting
  3. Bluehost
  4. Hostgator

Happy developing guys !

How Chris Coyier does his best work with Local and Flywheel

flywheelLocal and Flywheel work flawlessly together when pushing and pulling site changes. In Chris Coyier’s own words, it’s “Local development that just works.”

Chris was already using the #1 free WordPress development tool, Local, so when it came time to choose a new hosting provider, he wanted a host he could trust to take care of his sites. He quickly found that by partnering with Flywheel.


QA – I’m having a problem changing DNS on GoDaddy.

I’m moving a client from GoDaddy hosting (GD is still registrar). More than 1hr ago, I changed the DNS to point to the IP at the new host with 1hr TTL. When I check DNS propagation, I see the new IP, but on one online checker, I see 3 IPs–the new one plus 2 owned by GoDaddy that appear nowhere in the DNS. The old website is still appearing although email is working through the new host.

I suspect GD is caching something at those 2 IP addresses, but Googling didn’t turn up anything on how to get rid of them or to clear the cache. What’s my best course of action?