Chrome Dev Summit 2020: Announcing our Agenda!

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Chrome Dev Summit 2020 will be virtually held at We will share more details as we get closer to the event. You can watch the livestream on December 9-10 starting at 9:30 a.m. PST each day.

chrome dev 2020Featured speakers & agenda

We’re excited to announce that this year’s summit will kick off with a keynote address by Ben Galbraith and Dion Almaer. Throughout the event, we’ll also have speakers from Google and from partners like Adobe and Indian e-commerce giant, Nykaa, among others.
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So, Are Blogs Still a Thing?

The tl;dr answer is yes.

Not only is blogging still relevant, but it’s booming. There are a few reasons to believe that.

First, WordPress.

It is without question the world’s most widely-used blogging software. But WordPress presents us with a problem when it comes to statistics. There are countless claims that “a third of all websites” use WordPress.

I assume that comes from statistics like these, that say 37% of the million most-visited websites use WordPress.

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Best 10+ Websites To Download Free Photos For Website Design

Whether you are a youtuber, webmaster, web designer or communication agency, you probably spend several hours each week looking for quality rights-free images for your personal or commercial projects.

In this article, I share the best of the sites to find royalty free and free images, and I also take the opportunity to remind you why you should not use Google Images to illustrate your articles and videos!

Important: respect the authors and licenses of the images you use.

The best sites to download free images for web design

FreePik shares free photos, illustrations, icons, PSD files and vector images that you can freely use for your personal and business projects. Note, however, that it is mandatory to mention and the author of the resources you will use.

Mockup World is aimed in particular at web designers who are looking for ready-to-use Photoshop models. The site offers hundreds of free Photoshop models that can be used freely and without restriction for professional projects.

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Git Push Secret

We make a bunch of changes and commit them only to find out we were on the master branch. How do we solve this problem? Any attempts to push to master are never allowed.

git checkout -b 'NewBranchName'
// should be in that branch now
git merge master
// all the commits on master are brought over to new branch
git push
//all changes are pushed up via the new branch!

Ah, yes! We saved the ship from sinking.